Hi there. Welcome to my dopey website. I am currently working behind the scenes for a great radio station but I would love to get back on the air as either a talk show host or sidekick. I used to host a very entertaining, funny ass show. I’m a card carrying Libertarian who’s not afraid to speak my mind. Maybe that’s what got me fired. I worked at WCHE for nearly six years. To hear some of my shows that aired on WCHE check out my Podomatic website: www.randydascher.podomatic.com I’ve also been uploading some short radio samples on Youtube that you can listen to by clicking the link on the right side of this page.

Bam Margera

Pictured above: Randy Dascher and Bam Margera.

I’m in a new web series called “The Clink”. It’s a comedy set in a prison. I play the role of the warden. It can be viewed at www.theclink.net.  It premiered November 1st 2010 with new episodes posted every Monday. I met the guys who produce the show while working at WCHE. At that time they were filming a show called “The League”. The guys were kind enough to let me have a part in one of the episodes called “Belly To Back Flashback”. I guess they liked my performance enough to give me the role in “The Clink” or I must really look like a prison warden in their minds. Either way, I’m very happy to be a part of the show.

The Clink

Pictured above: Randy Dascher, David Mooney, Anthony Bosco and Michael Rosen.